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Surviving Stephen King

One of the biggest difficulties in studying Stephen King is the vast array of material available. He has written more than 60 books and...

The Kardashian Brand

Much like Marmite, Primark and the notion of vaccine passports, the topic of the Kardashians has the power to split a room into two...

Nothing About Us, Without Us

In late November, the musician Sia shared an excited tweet, announcing that she’d written and directed a short film called Music, a...

Happily Ever After in Romance Fiction

I’ve been a romance reader since I discovered the widely successful Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn at 15 (excitingly it’s coming to...

Popular Culture - An Act of Defiance

I chose to embark upon a love affair with P.G. Wodehouse, who remains one of the central figures of the doctoral work I’m conducting today.

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